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Dreams Speak
Dreams Speak




Everyone who dreams, has the occasion to dream lucid real-life dreams.  I had such a dream last night about an opportunity to tell Obama to get out of my home, to get his dufuss companion and get out.  It was a dream where my hands did not work well, so I could not make a fist to strike the dufuss he had there lying for him, or get hold of him.  I was, however, able to shove them out the door, to his waiting secret service agents, and instead of a limo, he had an old ghetto cruiser pimpmobile.  But in the dream I had the chance to really call him a liar of liars, traitor, narcissistic, schizophrenic, Muslim communist, evil madman  whose ideologies, and agenda is set on destroying this nation, at which his dufuss said I was surely a cracker racist.

I guess God allowed this dream to happen to release all the built up frustration and fretting over this mindless puppet of Ayres and Soros, no one, not even Hillary could be so stupid.  Ayres and Soros, think we are so stupid that we would let the bully browbeating Marxists go on without catching on.  I don’t care how much money they have, or how they got where they are, thinking the American people are stupid enough to buy into what Obama is pushing, is in itself stupid.

Nonetheless, I will be bringing some of the more stupid thinking and corruption coming  out of Washington, compliments of the liberal Democrats, and the progressive Republicans, (if there is a difference).  A reminder on occasion, concerning the Benghazi affair, (murders), and as much as possible about Fast and Furriest, (Brian Terry), and the illegal alien, dope smuggling, senseless Mexican deaths in the desert, and the amnesty crap being hashed about in Washington.

I will work some short inspirational and “where the rubber meets the highway” Christian posts on my blogs, (pbsreligionandpolitics.blogspot.com) (rshelms.wordpress.com/) please visit these, and join me on my website, (p-bobsopinion.com) …  I think you will like the page, as soon as it is complete, with the counseling and links all in place, with the various photo albums it will be a good simple place to visit.

Nevertheless, for now, I plan to spend more time on my book, which deals with the trap of poverty.  About the evil rape of an entire social sub-culture, of the mind games that are played, the fraud that fills the fat coffers of the elite at the expense of the taxpayer’s dollar.  The victimization of the elderly who are at the mercy of the thugs with hoodies,  The drug culture minions, who enable thugs with so-called ganstas, snare the people who are then, held hostage to addiction.  The mentally challenged who join the homeless throngs who complete the dehumanization of all who find themselves in the steal-jawed trap of poverty.  The blockade erected by the liberal so-called civil rights activists, like the phony clergy with their fraudulent organizations and the cheap liberal politicians, keeping some great non-profit faith based programs out and away from the ghettos and helping free people from this tragic lifestyle.

Nonetheless, I cannot afford to allow this present political mess to consume my life and the time needed to do the work God has called me to do.  Preach the Gospel, (through my blogs and webpage), finish my books and exposing these devils for who and what they are!  Lastly, try to stay up with the Washington’s elite “beltway club”, expressing my opinion, and passing on some great and good conservative posts.

You see, my dream spoke loud and clear to me, as I was able to tell Obama off to his face, and call him out on his ideologies, and the dufuss’ that wallow in the hog slop at his feet.  I am still active but not as frustrated and uptight over the absolute evil embodied in Mr. & Mrs. Obama.  In addition, the members of his administration and the liberal – progressive politicians will occasionally be honored with my opinion, (like honoring vipers in the grass).  Still I will continue to voice my opinion and I do not care if it offends a bunch of Muslims, gangstas, liberal civil rights activists, corrupt preachers, and politicians and their union thugs.

I am so tired of good honest American people trying to achieve their own American dream, while the Marxist Liberal/Progressives Beat Us To Death, With Lies, Intimidation, Sleazy UN Deals, Making Horrific Pacts With Rogue Nations That Want Us Dead, Instead Of Supporting Our Allies,    Heads Of Our Government give us More Corruption, While Charging Us More To Do It.

WAKE UP AMERICA!  When we disagree with the liberal or progressive agenda, WE ARE NOT, Bigots, Uncle Toms, Cracker Racists, Evangelical Fundamental Christian Extremists, Gun Loving Terrorists, Homophobes and Islamofobes, Who Do Not Care If We Have Dirty Water and Air.  We actually are just the opposite and real patriot, constitutionalists, and Christians who love our country and our God.  Granted some of us are not Christians, but there is still hope.

We Are  Red, White, Black Yellow And All Shades In Between, We Are Native American, Heinz 57 White, Mexican, African, European, And Possibly Some Space Aliens, But Whatever We Are, Or Where We Came From We Love The Good Old USA — We Are Americans Trying To Keep Our Nation Free And Protect Our Rights In The Process.

Thanks … R.S. Helms

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