America We Have A Problem…

America We Have A Problem 00

BY R S Helms

Remember the movie ‘Apollo 13’ the Astronauts found they had a big problem that would prevent them from landing safely… There came a crackling noise, and a voice said “Huston… We have a problem”.

I visualize a space vehicle orbiting our planet, and perhaps we call it ‘Social Civility’. Listen close and you can hear that crackling, and almost the same message sent… “America we have a problem”. This is not a movie of make-believe, but the reality of our present danger.

American we have a problem; it is division, and hate. It will destroy us as a free nation, and as the greatest nation on earth. It seems as though we have reached a point of no safe harbor. No landing site in site, we cannot make it. We cannot make it doing the same thing repeatedly, hoping for a different outcome. That is insanity, and is exactly why we either give up or let socialism and big government take over; or we can stand firm in unity and fight to repair our nation.

Our nation is divided on all fronts of our culture. It is more like the national majority rule democracy is backwards, and the tail is wagging the dog—right into the grave. The division festers the hate; there is no other cause, division and hate feed off each other, and it is not in the favor of any hate group to have civil meaningful dialogue with their opponents.

Race, guy activists, and sustainable development are only three that are creating more and more division and hate. We have Islam, and Christianity, and of course, the enabler is partly the political correctness demanded by the government. Yes America, we have a problem. Not only is government politics, on all levels, trying to legislate ALL Americans out of our guaranteed freedoms, but actually promote racial and religious division and hatred.

Why would the government do such an evil thing? Because without the division and hate, they will have no control over votes, and of course over the flow of money. The rudder which guides this nation is no longer moral ethics but immoral lawlessness in government leadership. They are where they are not because they have been doing their job. The first part of their job is to uphold and protect the constitution of the United States, not everything but.

Yes, I believe technology has been progressing the human race ahead, and yes, that is a good thing. Until progress becomes the focus and foundation of our character; if we allow it there comes a time, and that time has passed, when our moral and ethical values stand in the way. What then? We get rid our culture of those things that are hindering progress, ethics and values.

When we open that door, everything is on the table. Especially our traditional values, which have made this country the greatest nation on this planet. It has never been the order of the day, to assimilate our culture into the cultures of our immigrants, but that is not the case now, and if we as the people don’t we are called bigots and racists. It has now taken on illegal immigrants, oh and by the way—it is no longer political correct to use the term ‘illegal’ it will be “undocumented”, and more division and hate.

If it was not for immigration, we would not have the culture we have, immigration is vital to our strength. Nevertheless, if you make a statement against illegal immigration, we are white racists, and bigots. More hatred, more division; it is not the guns, it is not the flags, it is division and hate that is the motivation of the horrific slaughter of our people. Hate fueled by rage, and that is the product of division.

American we have a problem. It is not the guns, it is thugs and bullies taking advantage of the divisions and controlling the impoverished neighborhoods. Hate and anger lashes out in frustration against those who have committed to serve and protect the citizens. I refuse to allow the haters and divider Charlatans to make me believe that all white cops are bad. They are not.

However, as I write this article, municipalities are sending police PR representatives to open dialogue with the community leaders to negotiate peace in the ghettos. Who are the ‘community representatives”? dividers and haters. Liberal community organizers put in place by liberal/liberation topologists, and Charlatan black minister civil rights activists, and black activist groups.

The conservative ‘real Christian’ ministers whose churches are filled with real African-American everyday people who are struggling to make it out of the present ghetto environment. The ones who need it the most and for their effort to break the bondage of poverty ghettos, they are “Uncle Toms”, called traitors to their people! I know I worked the ghettos of New Orleans with a faith-based recovery program.

I have witnessed the bully tactics used by the young thugs, to keep their turf. I witnessed the savage evil murder of a young girl, caught in the midst of thugs trying to rob thugs. I was not the only witness, there were at least two dozen adults, yet when the police came, I was the only one who gave my name for later contact. Adult people not willing to identify the brutal thugs who killed an innocent young girl setting on her front stoop because of the heat, in the crowded shotgun house.

Both groups of thugs were black, the girl was black, and the media was absent, the Charlatan liberal preachers were absent, the community organizers were absent. Those who were present were too afraid of retaliation by the thugs to speak, not even on the behalf of an innocent child.

Division and hate killed that young girl, it was not the “illegal” guns, it was not a confederate flag, it was youth without any values but their own. Division is not new; it is not only liberal politicians and administrations. It come from a long line of what I call “race pimps”, they preach propaganda of the charlatan activists, that is what they were raised on, and that is the rage they have.

On the white side of the isle are white supremacists and the Aryan Nation, who identify more with the Nazis and Hitler madness, or a supreme race. One can go through the back door, and find the connection of them and the Marxist Socialists, which tends to guide most of the liberal agenda. Think if you will how that effects white young people and some white liberal churches. We have examples of white churches preaching a false gospel; Westboro Baptist Church should be called the church of Satan, yet the liberal anti-Christians classify all Christians by Westboro. Race bigotry and gay bigotry are at the furthermost of their propaganda agenda, liberal theology, and liberation theology is both suspect Christianity in my belief.

Now that you understand where I stand, then perhaps you are asking, “okay—okay” now what do you think should be done?

First, we need to get people together, white and black regular people of faith, we need to agree to disagree on some issues of politics and religion, and we need to view the situation as a national disaster. Have you noticed when a community is devastated by a Tornado, or Hurricane? People of the community unite, doesn’t matter white or black, Christian or other, they unite and help each other with neighborly love. They care about other people, the true unity comes from that love, and that love comes from God; that is fact I do not care if you believe in him or not. That love is deep in our being, it takes a lot of hate to change that capacity to love one another.

Star Parker, Urban Cure, she can be found here and I recommend her site, she is a prolific writer, intelligent, and makes spot-on observations and tells it like it is. In addition, yes, she is a classy black lady, who is fighting the fight with the right heart—to help the black communities. Unlike some of the race-pimps whose goal it is to keep, the division and hatred fueled. I would recommend that you check out her website, and support her organization.

As I read her articles, I can see that we agree in most areas of our ideologies, that we agree it is not going to be an easy task for the sides of the race issue to find the common ground. In order to rebuild what we have lost over the past six to eight years, each side must realize and accept his own responsibility instead of pointing the wicked finger at blame on the other guy.

We must own our part of blame. Name-calling will most likely be the hardest part. I know I myself have plenty of names for the Black race baiters, and charlatan preachers, who preach hate, and lay it all on the whitey who owned slaves over a hundred years ago. Liberals will do whatever they can to disrupt any type of homegrown patriotic movement to heal our communities, so we can actually work on the poverty, and the ones who depend on the poverty to control votes.

Liberals depend on keeping the underdog the underdog. Without their false promises, propaganda, and the occasional teaser cell phone, or easy mortgage, easy money or the liberal utopia in which all people will be equal and have the same things. Look closely at the false promises, and the propaganda that spews from their lips. If they are a politician, (Republican or Democrat), they only see people as a means to get them high enough up, that they will be with the elite in a global system of elite and peasant.

Consider, is you will the direction in which the people are turning, they are beginning to see through the fog of broken promises, lies, and corruptness that has us in the situation we are in. Dr. King moved with his heart, for all colors, not judged by that color, but by their character. That same ideology of equality will work; good character can heal this land.

With God as our lead, with the Agape love of God, allowing Him to take charge and control what is wright, and focus on loving our neighbor as our self, we can come together and heal our land. However if we let Satan continue to slap us about in this evil hatred, we will keep on killing and hating one another. Until we parish. It is our choice.