4th of July 2013

4th of July 2013

Spirit of 1176
Spirit of 1176

I will try to keep this post in a more readable length than the last one, but it was a necessary post to remind Christians not to grow fain in the liberal battles against the church.

This post is simply my studied opinion concerning the celebration of the Fourth of July.  If I sound like the alarmists that the liberals have tagged the conservative with, so be it, my last post is likely being targeted with racism, bigotry, Anti-Islam, hate speech, because I am a Christian engaged in the political war on our nation coming from this congress and administration.

That is all well with me, because I will not be intimidated, bullied, and condemned by the likes of the heathens and liberals who have nothing better to do than “troll” my posts.  As a matter of fact, I would like to have some of the ones who follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and other media, re-post, or re-twit my posts.

I remember many Fourth of July celebrations, and really learning about the reason behind it.  I remember in the late forties or perhaps the early fifties, while traveling to Southern Missouri from Northern Utah, my dad stopped somewhere out in Kansas at a little gas station, for gas and a cold drink.  The owner of the station gave my younger brother and me a rolled up reproduction of the Declaration of Independence.

Obama thinks the Constitution is a Joke

I remember the “In Congress July 4, 1776” calligraphic print on the yellowish-brown, imitation parchment paper, and how proud I was of my new possession.  I believe the cost of the souvenir was nearly $1.25 back then, nonetheless, the man could tell we were monetarily disabled and showed grace, with “every young boy needs to have one of these.”  I recall joining the military just out of high school, and taking the oath of enlistment, its nearly the same as the oath that the hypocrites in congress and the administration take, “To preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States.”  That oath meant something special to me then as well as now.  It is a time for celebrating and honoring all the ones who are present and the ones who have gone before us, who took that oath seriously, not the bureaucratic hypocrites who do not mean a word of the oath, other than a ceremonial part of their office in government.

Disregard the Constitution
We Hate America

Last week I believe Nancy Pelosi suggested that we use the fourth of July to celebrate freedom from high cost health care through Obamacare.  Over the past few decades the liberals and progressives have slowly moved this country ever more close to a socialist government and remove our freedoms, and rights as provided for in the Constitution, and celebrating the fourth will soon go by the way of the Christmas holiday, with political correctness nudging the meaning into oblivion.

I plan to remember the constitution, the founding of our great nation and the freedoms that made the United States the greatest nation in history.  I am not going to let a socialist Muslim deny me remembering the pride of being a Christian conservative, born and grown citizen of the United States.  It is too bad we have elected a president that feels it is necessary to go abroad apologizing for our greatness, swearing to reduce us to their level and make us “global citizens.”  Of course he has the progressive cronies in congress who are too spineless to challenge him, and the brainwashed liberals who go out of their way to support his ideologies.

It is for this reason, that I say this to you:  you better enjoy and celebrate this Fourth of July as there might not be too many more as we know them.

Burn Baby Burn
Burn Baby Burn

Our children and grandchildren, and theirs – will not even be taught about the fourth of July, nor the civil war, which put brother against brother.  Of all the wonderful things and perhaps the many mistakes made by this country as we found our way.  They will not learn how the people of the United States healed the wounds and righted the wrongs, and that was without the oversized government controlling everything.  Perhaps that is the reason for the shredding of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It is not just this administration, but also nearly every administration since the beginning of government’s progressive leadership starting to feed a sensual appetite for power and size.  The disregard for the constitution has been escalating, now it is at a point where they disregard the constitution except where it benefits their particular agenda.

Here's one for "We The People"
Here’s one for “We The People”

The integrity of the congress, the administration and now the Supreme Court, have went the way of the nation’s social morality and values.  It is the reflection of the character of the people we elected to office for generations, and are kicking it up a notch by continuing to allowing them to get away with what they are doing.  We the people have become the epitome of the definition of insanity, we keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome.

As we celebrate, what might be one of the last independent day celebrations, we might just consider reclaiming our patriotic roots, remembering the pledge of allegiance from our school days; institute into our lives the Oath of office, or enlistment.  Remembering that these include the “one nation under God”, the “from without and within”, and “so help me God”.

Bring integrity and character back into our criteria for considering candidates for political office.  Deception during a campaign is not all right, it is a lie, and should be grounds for immediate dismissal just as you and I are cautioned on our job applications.  Government has become too big, too corrupt, and has put an excessive financial burden on the people, and that is in opposition to the constitution alone.

Educate yourself, and become informed, and then vote for the candidate who will represent you, without trying to win voting points by lies and deception, (which is the same thing).

Try to have a great Independence Day, and make a commitment to our young people who will come along for generations, that they too will be able to enjoy a real Fourth of July…

Celebrate the TRUTH
Celebrate the TRUTH

Thanks  R.S. Helms

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