The Pickle We Are In …

The Pickle We Are In…

By: R.S. Helms __ 3.16.2022

I sat down this morning, browsing through my email headlines and, as usual, selecting some of the 150-200 or more that I receive each day.  I could not help but think, wow, we are really in a pickle; how did our great nation get into this massive pickle of a mess?  Well, without going back to the origin of the corruption of politics, I go back to George HW Bush and his endorsement of the UN, “It is the sacred principles enshrined in the UN Charter to which we will henceforth pledge our allegiance.”  As a pastor impressed with his thousand points of light policy.   Christian churches could apply for grants to help support programs like soup kitchens, secondhand clothing, shelters, which the Christian church are experts using volunteers and little funding to meet that community needs.  However, it was just another way to control programs within the local churches. And the churches becoming dependent on the federal government, they would control if you could witness, or what we could preach, what we could display, in other words when a church took advantage of the grant to help cover the cost of a program to help the impoverished or the homeless, we had to take Jesus out of the program.   I did not fall for it after investigating the fine print of the offer.  Needless to say, what he promoted was a lie.  So, I noticed some of the other wonderful things he was up to, and by promoting the UN he was endorsing Agenda 21, (now Agenda 21-2030).

It was in the eighties that it was all about conservatives and liberals, however that morphed into Socialism, as there is no such thing as ‘moderate Republicans,’ after McCain selling out the conservatives to Obama, I left the Republican Party, solely because of what Socialist Republicans were doing to the party;  they became known as RINOs.  It changed the leadership of the Republican Party to the point that they made Trump Sign a pledge that if he lost the nomination, he would continue to support the Republican candidate, Trump made all of them sign the same pledge.  All of them except Cruse and a few others dropped the pledge.  Trump exposed the RINOs as what they really are more Socialists than not.  We have politely called them RINOs or Globalists, but they are as much Socialists as the Democrats. 

Shadow Government:

What we call the ‘deep state’ is actually the Shadow Government, appointed officials not elected, who now is running the nation through the overly huge bureaucracy managed by several layers of socialist since Obama filling his promise to the Democrats that he “would build a civilian army, better equipped, more powerful, and more effective than our military complex.”  He did that before leaving office.  Creating his ‘Shadow Government’ ensured him being the Shadow President regardless if Hillary won or not, his policies could be conducted, with the help of the socialist control of the Congress, and the Fake Press, but we need to back up just a tad, back to the Obama administration. 

Obama actually told the truth several times and was covered by the press as a lie.  Like fundamentally changing the way we do business, he was talking about our democracy, and he intended to do it the way he knew best, as a ‘community organizer.  Using one of several strategies or any number of combinations creates his own based on theirs.  Karl Marx, Cloward-Piven, Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals and 8point How to create a socialist state), Bill Ayers.   Obama was hell-bent on the destruction of our American culture by any means possible.

Divide and Conquer:

With the help of global money, he was able to fire up all the anti-Christian – anti-American cabals and divide the population into hundreds of segments, which made possible the phrase “Divide and Conquer.” Which he still is attempting to accomplish.  The socialist brought the latest white privilege racism into the picture, with the Al Sharpton push of ‘equal justice’ hands up don’t shoot, and Black Lives Matter, white supremacy, white Christian prejudice, with big marches and making heroes out of black gangsters and thugs.  And if anyone pointed out that there was more crime committed by blacks on blacks in the gang laden poverty-stricken inner-city neighborhoods, and of course ANIFA which was mostly white skinheads and the riots that will go down as some of the most destructive in history, even Obama told the Democrat Mayors to have their police stand down.  Chicago, Portland, Seattle, LA, San Francisco, New York … cities that are still run by Democrats, in the Red States, are still having problems even though the Antifa-BLM leaders are stealing the organizations blind, but their Democrat handlers have made them stand down for a while.  But the Obama policies concerning our black population are the same, kept in the fire by the race-baiting politicians.  Our black community by far, are fine people trying to raise their children and get out of the ghettos and gang-drug dealing scum who infest our schools, the same is with our Hispanic population, at one time they were all hard-working close families

Sure, many came illegally even every year to work the jobs no one else would work, send their money home, and then go back across the border and return a year later to do it all over again.

SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19):  Bioweapon.

The China-US connection to develop the SARS CoV-2 bioweapon is too dangerous to continue engineering and development in the US.  Taxpayer money was laundered through EcoHealth Alliance, which gave the Wuhan lab the grants needed to develop the COVID-19 virus; the only thing not provable is the involvement of the US in the release of the virus.  But, with the right investigation, into the pre-election timing, the cause of such a panic, Event 201, WHO attempted cover-up for China, CDC, and Dr. Fauci, controlling the health emergency and promotion of all the mandates, and the vaccine mandates, along with the threat to doctors who tried to treat with other drug therapy and the ban on other drug therapy treatments.  Meanwhile, the vaccine mandates to force American citizens to continue to be guinea pigs for Big Pharmaceutical to push the DNA altering poison on the entire population with unconstitutional testing.

It interrupted our supply chain as well as manufacturing and service facilities setting off the record-breaking inflation.  The new Obama (by way of Biden), border policy of basically an open border, with an invitation to all immigrants to come on you will be let in, so we have chaos on the border, we have the chaotic panic of the citizens who are suffering from shortages at the grocery, workers who cannot go to work, lockdowns, small business’ being closed, and all along more and more threats from the government.  Increasingly unconstitutional control over the citizens, as increased numbers of citizens, die because of Biden’s mad drive to vaccinate the entire population including the children.  and demonizing those who were anti-vaccine, as for murderers, and anti-vaccine conservatives do not care how many children died from the virus.  With CDC and Fauci this is still playing it out; as the fake news focus’ on the war between Russia and Ukraine.  The Pandemic is the biggest and bloodiest crime perpetrated against the Citizens of the US in our not so glorious history.

The Economy Disaster:

Now the fake news is trying to promote the government’s cover-up of having Bioweapon labs in Ukraine, now the Shadow Government with the help of the propaganda press are blaming Russia for planting a false story; funny members of the administration have confirmed it before they were told to refute and cover it up…

Biden is blaming the economy tanking on Putin, the high price of gas, commodities, and services the inflation rate of 7.9 per year, and energy is forecast to rise more than 28% in March and for March alone we can add 0.8% to the 7.9% for March.  Just where the UN’s World Economic Forum plans the ‘Great Reset.’  Oh, we are not the only ones suffering from inflation most countries are suffering, mostly at the hands of the Socialist UN engineering of the world economy.  Our socialist Shadow President and his Shadow Government are right on schedule of bankrupting the nation.  When inflation reaches a certain point, we find hyper-inflation then depression.  Panic!  Fear not the Shadow Government will fix it with socialism, The Great Reset, which is coming as planned.  And if it should materialize there will be no more Democrat privilege, there will be the extraordinarily rich elite, and the serfs; worker serfs and unemployed serfs, who will live, work, and die at the will of the socialist government, who operates at the will of the North American Socialist Union, who operates at the will of the Global Socialist Union.  If you think for a moment that race, or creed, will protect you from the world order you are delusional and you have been blinded by a fantasy of a global utopia.

However, if you are not God, you don’t know when that will actually happen, and it is my opinion that day is not yet come on the horizon, we are starting to see the signs of wars and rumors of wars, as the Bible says, I believe that the wars God is referring to are devastating world wars, world famine, diseases far greater than we can imagine or that we have experienced.

Oh yes, we are in a pickle of a mess, and we should expect more hurt and suffering from the elite rich who will inflect all the pain and suffering in an effort to control the world.  Obama knows he is only a puppet being controlled by the money elite of the world, who in turn controls the socialist puppets of our once-great nation, knowing all the time that his time is short, and he can expect the wrath of God on him as the people hold him and his puppets accountable. 

We are trying to get to the truth:

But what is the truth?  You will never find it in the mainstream media propaganda peddlers.

The truth about COVID-19, which is still being used as a weapon against the nation and the world, which has brought the world into a panic stop, with lockdowns, mandates, total disruption, and all coordinated by WHO, CDC, and Dr. Fauci, heading up the propaganda and control.

The world economy is in shambles and getting ready for the World Economic Forum to slam in the ‘Global Reset Agreement.’  Global Reset is more than economics it is about using Global Currency to usher in Global Communism.  Yes, my friend Communism, right here in the ho-dunk village, USA.  But they need the US to sign the Global Economic Agreement.  The President can sign a non-binding agreement, but it takes two-thirds of the congress to do the treaty, China?  Russia?  Japan? Sweden? why it will create a new global currency and I am not sure money countries will go for devaluation of their currency, and it will happen.

The Southern Border Security:

Border security has always been a problem, but not much was done about it until gun runners started running guns to the Cartel and Mexican Gang lords like the MS 13 maggots.  And the Mexican government started asking for help in stopping the gun runners.  Bush 43 started an undercover operation, “Guns Walking” to try to track the guns back to the gunrunners; Obama took the same operation and changed it into him and DoJ AG Holder becoming the gun runners, and the death of Border Patrolman Bryan Terry and their scheme to supply guns to the Cartels and the evil MS 13 gangs, blew up and Lynch took over for the disgraced Holder, and stopped the operation or at least scaled it back.  That is when Obama and the Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano started policies to open the border.  Obama wanted to fast-track illegals to citizenship without going through the established immigration process, thinking he could get the Hispanic vote, and the Muslim vote.  Without a secure border, we would be unable to stop the flow across the southern border.  Obama’s aim was to establish the North American Socialist Union and was prepared to do so by whatever means it took. It was Obama’s refuge program and relocation that turned several states into Islamic Terrorist cell development centers that placed the cells in nearly every state of the Union and northern Mexico just miles from the open border of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. 

The border and immigration policies put in place by Obama allowed more unvetted Muslims and Hispanic gangsters into the country.  People who were vetted mostly came from countries that had no records to verify any information in the vetting process, which then was actually reduced to what the person told the interviewers or blocked by the religious freedom clause of the First Amendment.  I support the First Amendment clause of religious freedom, just not how it is sometimes used.  Free speech is the same issue in the way it is used.  The open border policies of Obama and Biden, have been misused against the American Citizens.  The Second Amendment has been thoroughly raped by the socialist Luciferian Democrats.

Manufactured Critical Issues:

SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19 Pandemic)

The SARS CoV-2 is actually a flu virus engineered to be a bioweapon, COVID-19 is the result of the attempt, in reality, it is not as deadly as promoted, a couple of ticks more deadly than the flu.  It is my studied opinion that it was released by a joint effort of the socialist Shadow government, the UN, and the CCP or China.  The timing, the coverup, the global pandemic, first WHO covering for China while telling the CDC to call for a health security emergency declaration.  Immediately came the lockdown, which in turn shut down commerce in turn shut down jobs, and the supply chain, all but the ‘critical workers’ medical field was kicked up a notch. Then came the masks, and the ‘fast track’ vaccine development.

From day one, panic hit the population and people just went crazy, fights in the aisles of markets for toilet paper, panic buying struck out like the snake that it is.  All this happened while Trump was calling the shots, but what shots was he calling?  The protocol established by the four exercises dealing with virology and bioweapons; are 2001 Dark Winter, 2005 Atlantic Storm, 2018 Clade X, 2019 Event 201. All dealing with bioweapons except, Event 201, which claims, ‘Global Pandemic’, all combined they deal with the protocol for a response, in the case of bioweapon attack the DoD would be handed the protocol for a response, for the global pandemic the executive branch, and Trump followed that protocol.  However, when Biden took office Obama used his own protocol which really was not a protocol but an opportunity to work his vile and evil strategies to bring the people under submission and use the press to push the chaotic panic affecting the people and every aspect of their lives, so, with the press leading the way, Biden followed orders and went nearly full socialist dictator on the nation.  Following the council of Dr. Death Fauci, he has put this nation in the position of weakness, unimaginable debt, depending on Russia and China for almost everything; energy, commodities, material, and damaged small businesses, and the workforce so even the major manufacturing concerns cannot find skilled employees.  The damage caused by COVID-19 to orthodox Christianity can only be repaired by God Himself. 

Do not be deceived by DC, the economy started tanking when Biden stopped the pipeline and shut down and withdrew permits for gas and oil exploration on federally controlled public lands. The same with offshore permits and production.  Granted, not until Putin invaded Ukraine was the steep the out-of-control ascension of gas prices were daily displayed on the pumps.  The broken supply line started during the first year of the pandemic, shortages at the supermarket had started the day of the panic lockdowns. 

Schools are hurting our children, those that have reopened still push vaccines and for sure require masks, which never served any purpose except perhaps in the hospitals.  Otherwise, they do more harm than good, especially if you suffer from a respiratory condition like COPD.  Our education system almost took complete control of our children.  and if it would not have been for some brave parents coming against school boards, we would have lost parental rights.

Before midway through the first year, what was supposed to be finished science started to be questioned by individual scientists and the conclusion was not what we had been told by WHO, CDC, and Dr. Death Fauci.  Most of it was one big lie prolonged by big Pharma and the experimental vaccine which if you took the jab, chances are greater for deadly reactions, and even stand a greater chance of getting the virus than the unvaccinated. 

All the mess, heartache, and death caused by the pandemic fraud perpetrated by governments on their own people.  Why? because of greed and power.  No other reason. 

We allowed it to happen.  But we cannot totally blame the pickle we are in on the pandemic or voter fraud, Obama, the Bushes, Clintons, George Soros, UN, or any other billionaire shakers and makers.  For over four decades we have voted in socialist progressives, some of them were presidential elections that were stolen.  Some of the biggest voter fraud schemes in the history of our nation were committed over the past four decades.  So, maybe we didn’t vote them into office, but we didn’t do much to stop the fraud, until Trump.

When we are trying to put the pickle in perspective, remember we have to take some of the blame, but yes, the pickle we are in is a real mess.

Thanks. R.S. Helms.

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