WHERE IS AMERICAN JUSTICE IN CONGRESS? Congressional Democrat Caught Sending Staff To Mexico To Teach Migrants How To Exploit US Asylum Loopholes

Everything in Texas is bigger… and that goes for their socialist politicians and Islamic terrorists, smugglers, and corrupt globalist presidents. good thing the conservative people are bigger yet.

Evans News Report

By: Brian Evans

Sadly, Democrats have been working tirelessly to push open borders, in their effort to flood America with illegal immigration, rather than to solve the problems we already have, and Representative Veronica Escobar (D-TX) is no different!

In fact, it has now been discovered and exposed how the left-wing Democrat has been secretly sending her staff to Mexico, and instructing them to teach the migrants how to illegally cross into the United States, and how to exploit the loopholes under President Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy!

For example, she has had her staff instruct the illegals to pretend that they cannot speak Spanish, being under the “remain in Mexico” plan, being the migrants must be able to speak Spanish to be returned to Mexico!

It has been reported that Representative Escobar’s team that she has assembled, has conducted, or attempted to conduct interviews with 6,000 migrants, in her effort…

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