This is a great piece, and truly illustrates God’s free and great salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Purchase this image at was a junior kid when I crawled through a hole in a wire fence. There were about six of us kids and it took a little time for us to crawl through the hole, one person at a time.

The hole gave us access into a field. Our adventure was underway. I say adventure, but it was a pathetic rout. We arrived at a building site. No workmen were present and there was no security on the premises. We got into all kinds of mischief. We trashed piles of gravel across the yard. We hurled hundreds of house bricks and smashed them onto concrete. We lobbed planks of wood into nearby gardens and smashed windows. We slung boxes of bolts everywhere and emptied bags of cement and sand into a nearby car. What the hell were we thinking? It was an act of mindless vandalism. Someone somewhere should hold us…

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