Great post from the Marshall Report … Thanks Dianne.


The new minority has no color, no religion, no racial anything.  What it has is a yearning for law and order.  It comes in all colors, all religions, all races.  It comes forth loud and clear through all American people who want what is good for all citizens.


It is time to stand up and all be counted.  Let the Obama race divisive liar regime fade away in the back ground along with his reign.  For it never shined upon greatness, nor goodness, nor anything but discord.  All the evil dribbles that were wrung out of rags into some sort of mandate will now be tossed into the piles of the rest of the trash. We Americans, who were asked to wallow in it and call it comfy, now shout NO MORE!

Today, every law abiding citizen can stand together proudly and know that together we are all draining the swamp and we are all of one…

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