Nice one from the Marshall Report — again, thanks Dianne.


HILARY untitled.png

Okay people who love America….are we just going to sit back and allow basement and dorm dwellers also known as Millennials to cry over crooked Hillary and throw themselves in the streets blocking traffic in a sick expression of a so called protest and allow illegals to decide to kill people in the name of Islam because they can?  I am sick of all the insane people getting the attention and consideration.  Sick of bottom feeders and dwellers who contribute nothing to society getting top billing for some friggen right being twisted into a pretzel that they can lick on!


It is time to belly up to the bar and kick the dwellers out of the basements and dorms and make them figure out how they are going to survive on their own without a bottle tit called government hand outs.  Or Soro’s pay outs.


Trump stood up for the…

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