It All Started With Hillary’s Private Server

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COULD IT BE, … The people of the United States of America, will, hopefully, one day see hard Justice dealt on the Clinton Crime Family?  Of course we just might, there is little Obama and Lynch can do at this point to stop or block it.  Well, my, my, my…. it could reach the Obamas and the swamp of the Washington Plantation as well.

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    It’s going to get better. FBI and attorneys for Huma, are in negotiation, since Hillary chucked Huma, away, as an expendable commodity. Huma will need to do a Flip, because she is looking at five years in prison and up to this point, DOJ/FBI were reluctant to indict Huma. But things, changed.The dynamics include the NYPD, who are looking into Weiner for alleged sex crimes. If the FBI walked away this time, the NYPD would be left with a juicy steak. Now, Huma becomes a perfect candidate for the Flip. She has a son, and would not to be away for five years. Other charges are also involved. Huma needs to grasp the deal. The FBI would have a turncoat as witness against Hillary and Clinton, Inc., and possibly she can finger Obama, Inc., another RICO crime syndicate. Obama purchased a $4.9 Million mansion in Dubai, UAE, which does not have an Extradition Policy Agreement with the US. How convenient. If matters go before a federal magistrate, now, it would be prudent to revoke many passports. Do not allow all the rats to jump ship. It is only one week from the presidential election. Between November 08, 2016, and January 20, 2017, we are going to see many diabolical schemes unleashed on America, but all will be diversionary. Obama had sent the US Navy to Dubai, when he was house shopping, so expect an escape attempt. In fact, if I were the federal judge, I would issue arrest warrants, now, and arraign everyone, to prevent their escape from Justice. The Hand of the Almighty, working in Magnificence.


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