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Hillary  continues to stand in front of America telling more lies all the while depending on fake polls and counting on  election fraud from George Soro’s rigged voter machines to win!  The entire fiasco is beyond unnerving for any and all wide awake people to watch.

No one is showing up for her rally’s and social media is ripping her a new one – very non supportive.  So where are the liar poll numbers coming from?  Who are all these people who want Hillary?

The chant across America is to “LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP!”  The email scandal has slapped her in the face and there is no more room under the bus to throw anyone else!  She will go to trial for her treasonous acts and evil deeds.  Many will fall with her.


On the other side, people all over the world are cheering Trump on!  The latest to join the Trump train are…

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