With the movement of the RNC to be the “progressive Right” instead of the “Conservative Right” it is of no shock that the RNC leadership of established politicians where the only difference in the RNC & DNC one is Marxist Socialism and one is just simply Democratic Socialism (everything government)… and both will sign on to the Global Government of the United Nations. It is not worth worrying about. because it is what “Team Obama” has been establishing for the past six years. The Black Lives Matter will one day realize they have been marching to the wrong tune… But it will be too late.

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Photo courtesy of: Annette Bernhardt, Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) Photo courtesy of: Annette Bernhardt, Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

The RNC and the DNC have given their blessing to the radical revolutionary groups @BlackLivesMatter and Campaign Zero to host a presidential town hall focused on racial justice.

The GOP needs to do outreach to the African-American community but do they need to do it with radical revolutionaries who want to overthrow the criminal justice system, Capitalism and traditional America?

Bill O’Reilly said they act like neo-Nazis on his show last night.These groups are funded by radical Socialist George Soros who does want to overthrow our system of government.

These crazy groups want the DNC to add a debate but the DNC turned down that request but both parties said they’d schedule a town hall instead.

The groups hate the police and have put their lives in danger and now the GOP is cowering…


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