Motorcycle Profiling Project

“This is an issue that impacts core constitutional principles and the viability of the criminal justice system.”

To individuals unfamiliar with motorcycle clubs,

As a dedicated motorcycle rights advocate, I would like to take the time to write to individuals that know little or nothing about motorcycle clubs and have a conversation about how motorcycle clubs are being generally mischaracterized after the recent tragedy in Waco, Texas. The vast majority of the information circulating comes from those unfamiliar with the culture and is based on sensationalized and inaccurate media reporting. The tragedy is being used by many media and law enforcement sources as a justification for broader-based discrimination against all motorcycle clubs, regardless of the well established 1st Amendment freedoms of association and expression. This is not just a motorcycle club issue. This is an issue that impacts core constitutional principles and the viability of the criminal justice system.

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One thought on “Why All Americans Should Be Concerned About Waco

  1. I’m riding since 1969. I also was a cop. From firsthand experience, laws were designed in some locales that forbade an excess of three, as the old rule, of trouble coming in threes, and to prevent gang behavior, which is very much different from club behavior by civilized people. On the Charge of Capital Murder, it is similar to on numerous occassions where I personally engaged a car stop for any number of reasons. Either a gun, or drugs, or anything else was found in the motor vehicle. Driver denies it belongs to him. All passengers deny it belongs to them. All, are arrested and charged. Should in time, people wish to come clean, such as confession being good for the soul, then only the party culpable is charged and not the others. It is also determined by the county prosecutor, whether charges should stand, or be elevated, or reduced, or dropped. It is not the police that need the sermon of discontent, it would best be addressed if the grievance were made to State legislators, whom, make the laws. At times, there were cases where I too, felt something was not right with the system, and judges had no option but to follow the laws established, right up to sentencing. It was not a “bad” judge, but a judge that was compelled to obey the rule of law, which State Legislatures, had enacted as law. The incident of many bikers being involved in a death, is too frequent with gangs believing they are mightier than the People. Everyone has something they would rather not obey as law, but obey it anyway, because of a Goodness within them. Too many today, harbor either a void, or outright Evil, within themselves. It is not a problem with the law, which represents the Will of the People, as the People of any given State are, in fact, the prosecuting body. Strange thing.., when my kids were growing up, my wife and I would on Sunday, get the kids ready for Church. I never said, “Go to Church with your Mother”, instead, I would say, “Let’s go! Follow me!”, and we all went to Church, as it is our duty to the Almighty. I never, had any issues, with my kids, and they turned out fine. To quote the late Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, “People expect me to correct their child’s behavior. It does not begin at the electric chair. It begins at the high chair”.


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