This word “Agapeo” (Agape)… to love our enemies, to love the sinner, to love the unlovable… it is a good post on understanding the five Greek meanings of LOVE…

Chris Legg, LPC

what does this mean?

The Five Loves


This is far-and-away my most popular article I have ever written.  I thought it was time to bring it back out and let it run again.  Enjoy!

How wise of you to be researching love.

Few things in life are more important than true love (“except maybe for a nice MLT: mutton lettuce and tomato sandwich…”)…

I am no Greek scholar, but I am passing on what I have been taught and what I understand about these words and concepts.  I also wanted to make sure that this discussion allows you to get some insight into how to apply this understanding to your life.

So when someone says “I love you,” you can try to figure out what they mean!

Especially what it means that GOD loves you… and God does love you, by the way.

Language can tell you a great…

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