When will our black community stop listening to people like Sharpton, Obama, Etc. and realize this is where the real problem is; of course, there is as many whites or more who are nearly as bad. now their numbers are going up, and the attitudes of the police are getting worse… nonetheless, this administration and the race pimps have wiped out a couple decades of progress in race relationships..

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Families Of Burglar Thugs Shot By 70 Year Old Widow Want To Sue

Two teenage boys were recently shot after breaking into a Sacramento house. Now, the families of Michael Sambrano, 14, and Steven Crider,17, are claiming that the homeowner was wrong to shoot the intruders.

The two boys broke into the home of an elderly widow. Both were shot and killed by either the widow or her brother, who was staying with her for protection. The woman’s house had just recently been broken into.

While the neighbors of the victim stand by her decision, family members are arguing that the shots fired were unnecessary.

“They were on their way out the door, and I just think it was wrong that they were shot,” Sambrano’s sister told CBS Sacramento.

Still, neighbors who have face similar burglars claim that protecting family comes first, and California law states that a homeowner is permitted to use deadly force when someone enters their home if they have…

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