Hussein Obama’s Brotherhood:”Civilization Jihad” & White House “Outreach” Confab! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

This is considered non-issue by the liberal Democrats …

Adina Kutnicki

Air-Force-Recruiting-Muslimsmuslimchaplains_isnaIT has always been the case that knowledge is power. A guiding force. But unlike the discipline of mathematics where fuzzy math bullsh-t doesn’t compute, certain areas of study lend themselves to a more fungible interpretation. In essence, they are open to “ideological” spin. Critical thinking (and facts), be damned.

SUCH is the case when it comes to (revisionist) history, as well as its lessons learned – or not. 

RESULTANT, America’s public school kiddies can be found prostrating before Allah on “field” trips to mosques! Separation of church and state…that quaint notion has been tossed into America’s trash heap, courtesy of HUSSEIN Obama!

One State's Schools Will Now Force Students To Honor Muslim HolidaysYES, within teaching the history of Islam, especially re the attendant contributions of Muslims to the world – with special emphasis placed on America – the fabrications are particularly mendacious. Demonstrably, this subject matter is beyond the (lying) pale. Now, if this investigative journalist was…

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