A Leader Who Loves His Country

What Netanyahu’s Speech Told me About Our Leadership.

R.S. Helms
R.S. Helms

After reading some of the comments on the Netanyahu speech. And what some of our democratic politicians said about Netanyahu brings me near a point of throwing up. Things they said he said when he didn’t, and not once did he insult the intelligence of the U.S. as good ol’ “we have to vote on it to see what is in it”… Pelosi. I noticed she took plenty of opportunities to show her true retched self, really a class act.

And I think that Rand Paul, although standing and applauding, could have shown that he actually cared about what a real leader had to say about the danger this “bad deal” puts the nation that he loves, at least as a politician running for President, I know that because of that, I would rather vote for a RINO progressive. His lame response showed he and Obama didn’t like Prime Minister or the speech or both.

But all you spineless liberal anti-Christian anti-Jew; Islam loving Marxists; should have paid better attention, because Iran will kill Americans either before or just after it annihilates Israel. I thought the speech was something we Americans (conservative Americans), has been hoping to hear from our leadership, the truth without being afraid of what people will call you. I for one am so tired of the liberal name calling and political correctness, I am on the verge of puking.

Republican and Democrat alike, you need to choose who we will listen to … evil or godly people who love this country. Who will stand up and tell the world to stick it where the sun don’t shine, we will do what it takes to protect our nation, our Constitution, and our way of life. If you’re not willing to do that leave and go to the country you are willing to stand up for.

Obama, his administration and all the blind ignorant people skipping along after Obama and his promise of a utopia, where he will give to you the desires of your heart, is like the mystified children skipping along after the Pied Piper, wake up and see who you are following, see through his façade, and the groups that support him.

America, WAKE UP, from your stupor if you want to be the same and equal to every nation in the world, go live there. Don’t try to make this country into borderless, Godless, cesspool like the Middle East. And Europe who’s European style of socialism is really not working out for them either. Well the way our country is going with its liberal progressive ideologies is not working out for us either.

Finally, it is like the old TV series “Mission Impossible”…. He would listen to the instructions, and at the end the player would say “This tape will self-destruct in ten seconds. We as a nation are similar, only we are not quite where it says in five years this nation will self-destruct and we have no one to fault but ourselves.   Guess we just hooked our wagon up to the wrong team.

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