War on Islamic Terrorists

War on Islamic Terrorists

First let me extend my condolences to the nation of France, the families, loved ones, and friends to those who were lost in the most horrific, determined attack on citizens and police in Paris; our prayers are with you as victims of this insane madness.

This is not an isolated “or act of extremism” and why our Secretary of State will not call it “Muslim terrorists” I think it is about time we stop with the political correctness and say what it is. We need to stop mollycoddling Islam; after all, the editor was asked by the French President to stop printing the cartoons about Mohammad and not to antagonize the Muslim terrorists. His reply, was “he will not live on his knees”… and that is just what the UN is after, as they are making yet another attack on free speech, and freedom of the press. Our President who will do anything he can to mollycoddle the Muslim Brotherhood.

The citizens of France, England, and all of Europe are reaping the reward for their bowing to Islam’s invasion. It is time that we call it what it is, not follow the thing that is putting us in the sights of the Jihadists. Yes I will say it while I still can… Islamic Jihadists, and believe this, the top organization of power in the multitude of clans in Islam, is the Muslim Brotherhood.

Islam is nearly as hard to pin down as Christianity, but at least in a Christian nation we should at least treat Islam like we treat Christianity. Which should not put any Protestant Christian denomination, who do not embrace political liberalism and their political correctness, on a radical terrorist list at Homeland Security. And yet will not even call a Muslim radical terrorist, a Muslim radical terrorist attack, this administration refuses to use the word Muslim with radical, and forbid you any use Muslim in any form with terrorist.

Maybe this phrase is a bit “old fashioned” for some of the progressives and liberals, nonetheless it is a truism; “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is most likely a duck”. The liberals and progressives, who have controlled our government for the past several decades, have tried to make that statement of no value. By being political correct, and not calling our war on terrorism, just what it really is. A jihad … a Muslim (Islam), jihad.

I feel bad for the people of France, and pray for those who mourn for their loved ones. I try to look forward and for sure do not want to feel sorrow, for our nation, I do not ever want to mourn the loss of my loved ones at the hands of Muslim jihadists. Of course my chances would be better not to lose to a jihadist would mean how well my government, who’s job one is to serve, and protect don’t do all they can to protect us. I hate to say this but for some time, our government has been growing more and more lax in their obligation in favor of political correctness, and securing our borders. The Obama administration is the biggest offender of not protecting the nation.

To show just where his heart is and what he will do, just review his UN speech of 2012, where he was supposed to topic ‘free speech’, however, the most meaningful line was not the usual rhetoric. It was unreported by the media at the time, why? Perhaps because as normal Obama covered a lot of ground with rhetoric, and therefor somewhat easy to miss some lines of passion.

The President said this “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Perhaps this was not a slip but a condition on his support of the freedom of free speech, and forewarning on putting the negative critique of Islam as a hate crime. Negative critique of black subculture is hate crime. Illegal aliens from Mexico political correctness, “undocumented migrants”.

It is a waste of time to be politically correct and simply deny the fact that the ‘western world’ is at war with Islamic jihad! And what is the UN global citizens all common and equal, except white English, French, and American Christians, doing to end the evil of the Islamic Jihadists? Nothing because we are the enemy.

Please forgive me for saying, (not really), but the truth is Islamic Jihadist terrorists are winning and have been since the 60s of course we do not look at the history of something if we don’t know it is there, or it is not politically correct to consider raw facts. Here is the raw fact and reality of Jihad and Sharia Muslims, who comprise most of Islam, that is how the pedophile murdering blood thirsty prophet, (if you want to call him that), designed the religion. The Arabs run him out of Mecca for what he was doing, so the reasons the Arabs are not of the Quran.

The Muslim Jihadists are terrorists, aka; Muslim, radical Islam, Muslim Jihadist, Sharia Muslim, you name it what you want; it is Muslim terrorists. Terror is what they do, they make people fear them, fear an attack, capture, killing. They control a mass of cowering people who are afraid and that is what they have in the western world. Our leaders are either cowards, or they embrace Islam. There is no question what side of the issue President Obama promotes.

No question about the open borders, amnesty and the lie that most are okay, guess what it is proving out that it is not exactly true. But then if number people try to make sense of the numbers they are called racist profilers. And the UN wants to lock them up.

England and France should be a lesson for us to actually close our borders, and round up the bad guys, regardless what it takes, if it takes profiling, then it takes profiling, it is either stop them, (that would be impossible), or die a slow death of terrorism. The government can no longer operate so far outside of basic duty of the executive office; and that is to protect and serve, Defending the Constitution secure the border, and downsize the massive bureaucracy, that is enabling the terrorists to keep people down. We do not have secure borders, just like France and England, now they are asking: how do we get rid of the scourge that wants us dead.

I will leave you with this thought:  Why would Obama tell Europe not to use a “hammer”, but follow the lead of the United States?  We have been following the European model of assimilation for Muslims, and now the Muslims prove that model wrong and extremely

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