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Nevada State Personnel WATCH

nv cop block

PressPass 005 300x242 Get Your Cop Block Press PassWhether you are a regular contributor to Cop Block, an activist; who knows the value of keeping a camera handy when dealing with police and other government officials, or simply a fan; who wants to demonstrate your support for what Cop Block does and spread the word to others, there is a new tool available to make it easier for you to do so.

Official Cop Block press passes are designed as a multifunctional option for anyone involved with Cop Block, as well as a convenient and attractive way to support Cop Block’s goals of holding law enforcement accountable for their actions. They act as both a visual indicator that you value your rights and a prominent warning to anyone that might want to infringe upon them.PressPass 003a 300x286 Get Your Cop Block Press Pass

Official Cop Block press passes are available for the national network and any of the local Cop Block affiliates located…

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11 thoughts on “Get Your Cop Block Press Pass

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