I am a firm believer that we as humans must take care of our earth, God said we must be good stewards … common sense says we must be good stewards; nonetheless, we must go about it in a sane way, and keep the balance while the whole “world” comes into compliance. we need to continue the use of fossil fuel until the alternative can be proven more feasible.


[from phys.org]
Researchers have analysed mineral water from 131 springs and three prepared drinking water from 94 brands sold in Spain. The samples were taken just after packaging in bottling plants and after having been stored for one year, to assess whether there had been any migration of plastic constituents or additives during this period. The results were published in the journal Food Chemistry.

“The conclusions of the study indicate that both the packaging, whether it be plastic or glass, and the bottled water are completely safe for health and comply with prevailing legislation,” stresses the lead author, Silvia Lacorte, to SINC.

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