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Redwood Forest


Agenda 21 & FEMA Camps – Depopulation Plans In America | Agenda 21


By Susan Duclos In a terrifying compilation of clips by Jason A, the exact purpose of the United Nation’s Agenda 21 is explained in what should be a wake up call if what the people in the video are stating are true. An agenda so innocently called “Sustainable Development,” which has the sole goal of restricting our choices, limiting our ability to govern ourselves and take away our freedoms.



Freedom Advocates | Exposing Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development


Freedom Advocates exposing how Agenda 21 Sustainable Development ignore and violate our Unalienable Rights.

Air Force One flies over suburban Long Island as U.S. President

A Warning From Glenn Beck: The United Nations Will Raze Your Suburb

Pssst! Have you heard about Agenda 21? The secret plot to collectivize private property—hatched by United Nations


Biden: The ‘affirmative task’ before us is to ‘create a…

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