Deeper than the ocean

Good Prayer here…



Dear God,

I didn’t write to you last night at all, I am sorry. Thank you for keeping me awake as I drove home at 2am!

You are holy, you are my rock, you are amazing, you made the whole world, the sky and everything!

Father I am glad that you are so patient with me. You let Jesus die for me.

Sorry that I continually forget how truly amazing that is. It should always be in my conversations and chats. Instead I talk about work, old friends and people I don’t really know. But why, when you are far more interesting and exciting!?

Thank you for keeping me safe, thank you for friends, siblings, work mates, relatives and church leaders who take time to be interested in me!

Thank you for how deep your love is for me! And your fairness is deeper than the ocean!!! Ps36:6 (ERV).


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