It is happening here, only covertly and slowly since just a few weeks after Obama started his reign with the infamous “Reach out to the Muslims”… Nancy Palosi implemented the “radical Muslim” not the same as Muslim, then on to “radical Islam” to further their legitimizing muslim terrorist, and the “love/peaceable” Islam religion….

sharia unveiled

Imran Firasat and his family

Imran Firasat, his wife and children. Photo courtesy of: Gatestone Institute 

With a death warrant in Pakistan, Spain ensures Imran’s eminent death

by, Soeren Kern | Gatestone Institute

“Okay, you Muslims, use violence, but we will continue to make films. One day, one of us will lose.” — Imran Firasat.

Firasat argued that the expression of his views about Islam fall within the constitutional rights of free speech.

Two dissenting judges signed a statement in which they ask whether the source of the danger to national security is in the actions of Firasat or in the reactions of Islamic fundamentalists.

The Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that a political refugee should be deported because his criticism of Islam poses “a danger to the security of Spain.”

The May 30 ruling, which upholds an earlier decision by a lower court to revoke the refugee status of a Pakistani ex-Muslim…

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