Brian Terry

When was the last day you spent more than five minutes thinking and praying about Brian Terry and his family, about the other border agents that have died on duty?   Their families, need some answers, but Washington will not give them any.  Oh wow, they convicted a drug runner… more like a “gun runner”… but the top of the heap is Holder and Obama and our congress will not make them accountable…



When was the last day you spent more than five minutes thinking about Benghazi and the brave Americans that gave their lives to the heathen Muslims.  Oh wow, they will convict some obscure Muslim who will think he will have his 70 virgins … but guess what that is a lie too. They are not waiting there for them… but Obama and Clinton will rot in their evil slime for their murders… but washing will not hold them accountable… 

Nonetheless, I know the end of the story unfortunately, not everyone will enter into the Kingdom… I know that I know, it is a faith thing, and they cannot disprove my faith, and even though they may kill this old body, I know where I will be witnessing my King Jesus at the Bar of judgment … 

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