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The Washington Naval Yard rampage, is only a day old and my heartfelt prayers for the victims and their families have and are going before the Lord.  My deepest thanks to the multitude of brave young men and women who responded to this senseless tragedy, thank you.

With that said, I would like to address this post as more of an open letter to all the politicians, activist, and especially to Obama and his administration.  FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM!  I do believe that anyone with any brain cells at all can add one plus one equals two, add one more and you have three, and so on.  Nevertheless, it does seem to me that all the anti-gun activists do not have the sense that God blessed the goose with!  However, let me be redundant again and say in the simplest of terms; mental problems are the connecting points, and do not let the liberal psychologist, and psychiatrist make their bid for people’s rights, that ice is getting problematically thin.

People have rights, and I believe those rights have to be protected to the fullest degree.  Someone who is suffering from a mental disorder, or simply going through a mental condition or stress, have those rights and they should not be infringed, but perhaps therein lays the problem.  It is for sure the gun; (weapon) is not the problem.  It is helping those who need it, and locking them away in some institution subject to the abuses and lack of knowledgeable people who experiment more than cure or help the individual is not the answer.  That is the answer of antiquity and has no place in our society.

In the rash of “mass homicides”, there are two factors that stand out; mental problems, and terrorism.  Now notice I never mentioned guns as a prime factor.  It is not the gun, explosive, knife, machete, poisonous gas, baseball bats, or any other weapon that operates on its own, it does take an individual to wield the instrument to cause death, and no one instrument is worse than the other, death is death, just some methods are quicker than others.  Preventing someone from wanting to kill another person should be the primary concern, a single person or as many as that person can kill; in the long run it all adds up to a great number of innocent people getting killed that did not deserve it.

In the incident of “mass murder”, if it be Sandy Hook, Columbine School, Fort Hood, Boston Marathon bombing, 9/11, Gabriel Gifford, (collateral damage), or other workplace homicides; two common denominators stand out.  The perpetrators were either terrorists or mental disorder people.  It is okay, and we are encouraged to report suspicious situations and people, it is even okay for the law enforcement to immediately, intervene to avert the situation.  Nonetheless, it is not okay to profile an emotionally or psychologically disturbed person and report their “strange” or anti-social behavior to authorities for intervention and getting the individual the psychological evaluation and help they may or may not need to avert another killing rampage.  It is not something police will or even, at times and circumstance, can do.

I understand, and support individual rights and snagging someone up and putting them in a facility where they are subject to abuse and experimental therapies by uncaring unqualified people are of antiquity and rightfully banned.  Nonetheless, could it be that the law is over compensating for the past treatment of people subjected to ignorance of dealing with the mentally ill or mentally challenged, and emotionally perplexed individuals who were just trying to cope with what life had dealt them?

Trying not to condemn people with mental health issues, I do believe that we need to fix the problem that liberals try to stay away from, mental health don’t create votes in most part.  The Republicans on the other hand, want to stay away from the issue of mental health, because they don’t want the liberals to call them a name, like being against people who are mentally handicapped or worse.  Nevertheless, something has to be done!  In defense of the mentally handicapped they need intervention at times just because of their problem, the families need help because they do not know what to expect next, but dare not ask for it because of social bullying and labeling and fear of the treatment of antiquity.  Of course they all love their loved ones, and want to protect them the best they can; nevertheless, it is like helping a loved one who is an alcoholic, you can’t unless they want the help.  The laws are in place to protect the individual while intervening; even with patient confidentiality laws, and restrictions.  There is a lot of laws that help the situation, but most people don’t know them or are afraid to use them.

Apparently, it is not hard to put together a psychological profile, one that would be sufficient to have law enforcement petition a judge to have the individual put in a hospital thirty-day evaluation.  Why is it not being carried out?

It is apparent that the government would rather do something to take away our 2nd amendment rights, (that are proven ineffective), not for the protection of the citizens, or as this administration loves to put it, ‘to protect the children’, in order to get votes, the agenda is uncaring about protecting our citizens or they would secure the border; they don’t care about the children or they would abolish abortion.

I just heard on the news that a Louisiana State Trooper saved a distraught woman’s life.  It was reported to law enforcement that a woman was standing on a interstate overpass, when the trooper arrived he talked the woman away from the edge of the overpass and into his patrol car.  During the conversation she admitted, she was going to jump, (reasons were not disclosed), and they put her in a hospital for psychological evaluation; so it can and is being done.  However, she had to say she was thinking about taking her own life, I think the law reads, “Talking about” that they are thinking of doing harm to himself or herself, or another person, before this action can be taken.

Why is the law not expanded to family or close personal friends observing abnormal behavior or crisis conditions such as extreme stress and depression, or any indicator that the person is experiencing a mental crisis?  Most people cannot determine how or if there may be an escalation of the condition; regardless, the individual needs help.

Not saying that all should be slammed into a mental ward at the local hospital, but evaluation by a “qualified” therapist or psychologist to determine if there is a potential of escalating conditions then a judgment can be made if further institutional evaluation is required.  Nonetheless, the individual would be in the system and monitoring can be easily achieved, perhaps resulting in less killing rampages like the Naval Yard.

I am not saying that this idea is the one; however, I am saying that there is a way to get the mental cases of the streets where they can obtain their weapon of choice, and commit carnage on innocent people.

The federal government should lead the way, with laws that open avenues for identifying, evaluating, and treating individuals while protecting individual rights and freedoms.

Gun control laws are not going to fix the problem, and the money spent by the government to campaign for gun registration by the president and liberal law makers, would be better used in finding a way to

fix the damn problem!

R.S. Helms


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