And That Is The Way It. Is

Republished by: R.S. Helms on Bob’s Opinion … From Canada Free Press … 5.15.2022

The Biden Presidency Is Over

By Ray DiLorenzo ——Bio and ArchivesMay 15, 2022

The Biden Presidency Is OverThroughout history we see countries go the way of dictatorships with autocrats and their cronies forever promising a better life for their people.

It never happens.

Dictatorships akin to Communist, Fascist, Socialist, and Monarchial countries are largely a means to an end…a way for a criminal organization to take control of an entire nation for the purpose of enriching themselves with money and power and using force by way of its military to stay in power.  Really no different in principle than a Chicago crime mob of the early 20th century.

Russian Revolution for all its hyperbole, did not bring any relief for its people, only more misery

The Russian Revolution for all its hyperbole, especially by the New York Times, did not bring any relief for its people, only more misery.  There is no such thing as royal blood, just those that won a military conflict in a bygone era and passed on their ‘organization’ to others of their family.  They always seem to think that a family member would never screw with a relative.  I know many people that pick their friends and endure relatives.

Intellectuals in the 20th century, and very much continuing in our century, still insist they have a better way than freedom.  Taking over an entire nation, heck, the entire planet, takes time, money, propaganda (deceit), and leadership from powerful entities like the World Economic Forum (WEF), the UN, and multi-nationals.  It also requires the barrel of a gun, as Mao would say, and in today’s information age, the appearance of legality.

Save for the barrel of a gun waiting in the wings by way of indoctrination of our troops on the ‘greatest threat to our country being white supremacy’, we have it all.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is filled with intellectual nerds with little knowledge of history, armed with technology, algorithms, and the fictitious threat of forthwith annihilation by climate change.

It always looks wonderful on paper. But lives are lived in reality, not paper.

The Biden presidency is a Shakespearean tragedy

These psychotics have aligned with multi-national corporations, world leaders, academics, and religious figures, and even now are planning a takeover (for our own good, of course) of every nation on this planet.  It doesn’t hurt to have the support of the regular folk who only watch CNN and MSNBC and just have the need to go along.

They were temporarily waylaid in their quest by a blunt, sometimes offhand and terse millionaire who, regardless of what anyone thought, loved his country and wanted only to keep America and its people great.  The powers rising forbade it.  They gave us Joe Biden instead.  If all this sounds like we had no choice, you would be correct.  They carried out their plan with mathematical precision. 

The Biden presidency is a Shakespearean tragedy.  It has everything…the fool, the ambitious wife, and the antagonist who hinted all along what he was going to do. We even have the occasional soliloquy that no one understands.

Biden cannot do anything right.  His list of presidential un-accomplishments, as his senate career, is now legendary.  He took a vibrant, growing economy and drove it into the dirt.  He just about killed the rule of law, setting crime records in almost every major city.  With the help of his incoherent VP, our borders are now non-existent as well as our brief energy independence that Trump created.  Biden has normalized every form of degeneracy and just about killed our education system. And now, it seems he is willing to bring war upon us. We have inflation they say we haven’t seen in over 40 years…8.3%  Well, not really. How they figure inflation has changed since 1980 when inflation was at 14.6%.  By the method it was calculated in 1980, our inflation rate today is 17.1%.  Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.

The Biden administration was officially over when the real president, Obama, previously hiding in the shadows, visited the White House in April

You would think he was doing it on purpose.

As we are finding, it is not just Biden’s incompetence, but massive corruption involving his whole family, not seen in any other president in our history.  The leveraging of Biden’s political power for payoffs, selling out America to our enemies to enrich himself and his family.  The disclosures will be revealed steadily for years to come.

You see, the Democrats had to win and they didn’t care how they did it or who they did it with.  Al Capone would have been proud.

The Biden administration was officially over when the real president, Obama, previously hiding in the shadows, visited the White House in April, under the guise of celebrating the failed Obamacare.  Democrats are good at lying to themselves.  He referred to Biden as the vice president and only after a long pause said, “That was a joke.”  It was the kind of joke that had meaning, meant to convey a message.  What was even worse was when no one at the celebration gave Biden any mind.  It was like he wasn’t there.  I’ve never seen anything like that.  It was chilling.  Our country is, indeed, in transition.

It has become apparent that the majority of the leadership of this nation either does not care about the survival of this country or is in the process of being neutered.  Whoever heard of baby formula being rationed or pallets of formula being shipped to illegal migrants on the border while mothers go on frantic searches from store to store looking for something to feed their baby?  They knew there was going to be a shortage months ago.  Or, how about the seeming willingness to degrade our military, empty our weapons caches, or chance nuclear war to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty while giving away ours?  Someone out there must be asking, “What the hell is going on?”

Infiltration of a world criminal organization, aided by radicals from both parties and the Deep State

If the Biden presidency is indeed over, the question is, NOW WHAT?  Are we to have a say?  Or, are we to allow the continued infiltration of a world criminal organization, aided by radicals from both parties and the Deep State, to begin dictating? 

We must remember, as a nation, we will get both what we allow and what we deserve.

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