All five Shasta County Supervisors placed under citizen’s arrest at board meeting

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REDDING, Calif.- ABC 7 KRCR TV — All five Shasta County Supervisors and the County Attorney were placed under citizen’s arrest during Tuesday’s board meeting.

Before the meeting, a group of local faith leaders met outside in a prayer circle.

After that, Shasta County resident, and former Cal Fire employee, Richard Gallardo, placed the board under citizen’s arrest.

He then named off the five supervisors: Joe Chimenti, Leonard Moty, Mary Rickert, Steve Morgan and Les Baugh. He also named County Counsel Rubin Cruse.

All of them were subsequently released.

Gallardo was given the standard three-minute public comment time before his mic was cut off. He was then escorted out by deputies.

He was then taken upstairs to fill out his complaint, calling the meetings “closed sessions” a violation of the Brown Act. He also cited failure to review the local state of emergency every 30 to 60 days.

If the grounds…

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One thought on “All five Shasta County Supervisors placed under citizen’s arrest at board meeting

  1. This needs to happen across America. Every county needs this. There is so much corruption at every level of government. Especially international at the United Nations. Indeed, the UN seems to have taken over all of New York City! It is the Fourth Sovereign City State besides the Vatican, City of London, and District of Columbia. Donald Trump has a New York City Birth Certificate and NOT a State of New York B-Cert. I am not for or against Trump, I’m just saying, Trump is a UN National and not technically a State of New York Citizen.

    The Paris Peace Treaty of 1947 defines the “United Nations National” as everyone in every member-state. oh and corporations, and such. So, this means that “being a US Citizen” is literally just a specialized version of a UN National. It’s like calling an apple by it’s exactly type, Gaia, red, green, etc. You can see what the UN is doing with UN Nationals also in the LAW OF PEACE Vol.1 Dept of Army 1979. We are all deserved of the LAW OF PEACE. every court room globally is operated by the United Nations as a Competent National [Military] Tribunal. That’s why there doesn’t appear to be the US Constitution in the court rooms of America. There is only one place that the UN recognizes the US Constitution: Article 8 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights…. And these military tribunals must respect the rights granted by the US Constitution or by law. Oddly. The US Constitution does not GRANT rights, in protects rights from the government. Law does not grant rights, in grants privileges. Meaning, the US Constitution does not exist under the UN Global Military Dictatorship we have had for the last 75 years or so.

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