God’s Justice ?

True Justice Will Come Down


I am sure that many of my followers know what a “quiet time” is?  It is a time, (preferably) at the start of your day, where you read your Bible, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide your path and all that you may do that day, for God to anoint and bless your interactions with others in the world at work or play, that you may reflect Jesus our Lord in how and what you do and say.  For me to spend time with Jesus right off the bat in the morning, fortifies me for the blessings and battles of the day. 

Now all this leads to Prayer, of course that is the way we “talk to God” and reading scripture and through the Holy Spirit is how “God talks to us.”  So, when the Luciferians ridicule Christians about talking to God tell them to go pound sand, because their rhetoric do not wash and the real reason they ridicule talking to God, is to paint Christians as Lunatics believing in fairy tales.   

Another thing that happens when we start praying,  our minds seem to wander and we become distracted by many or anything happening, we start thinking about other things.  It is simply the enemy working on making our prayers become distracted by things of the world.  That is when the Christian is to rebuke Satan, Tell him “Satan, in the name Jesus! Get the behind me, get away from my communication with my Lord, Get away Satan … in the name of Jesus! Get behind me!”  it always works, and when I am praying aright there are times when he puts up a bit of a fight, but stick to the Authority of Jesus and the truth of his passing that authority to his Disciples, it is the Royal Seal of God. 

Today, his distraction attempted to move my attention from the Word of God to looking at the overwhelming enemy strongholds we face in our nation and the world.  I was thinking of how any free-thinking human could, especially in our nation, be so blinded by Satan’s delusions? which started out as a delusion of utopia and still is to some extent.  Now, it is a delusion of utopia threatened by everything that America once was.  A great nation, free for its citizens who work hard at obtaining their goals of life, their happiness, and the happiness of their families, and to have that along with other great rights guaranteed by a great Constitution of freedom and liberty.

Of course, it has not always been great and oh so true we have had some very dark times, bad politicians who lost sight of the security and wellbeing of their constituents and nation; lawless politicians who became obsessed with the power, control and wealth, which became the passion of the politicians.  Greed, yes greed is the root of the evil of the absolutely unjustified wealth of our politicians who are to be our “Humble servants.”  Of course, We The People, have an obligation to pay good salaries for those who actually represent their constituents in the business of the federal government, of course, we do and the people of this great nation understand the obligation of paying their taxes, (even though we grumble about it, in the best of times), we don’t mind at all when our interests are being valued and represented.

Nonetheless, that has not been the case for decades, special interests, greed, and the United Nations who has not only cost us in our percent of its support, but lives and military funding fighting other people’s fights as being the police force of the world.  That is where the mindboggling web of strongholds of the enemy try to take our sovereign constitutional free nation and make it a socialist union and part of the Global Socialist Union.  Socialism does not work; it never has worked for the common man and his family.  But it has now been shown that phases of progression, the progression of mankind have been at play and with each we have attached a name, like modernism, liberalism, socialism, but all were simply moments in our journey as a nation, of course, there has been the opposition in our case we have a long – long history of political powers (parties), some were great and some not so great, but all along we have had political opponents which provided fertile soil for the seeds of greed to flourish.

Without a great deal of our national political and social disgraceful history we would not have been as great as we became, we need to look at our condition now, what about tomorrow?  Looking at all the areas of freedom under enemy fire at this present time, has people wanting to just throw up their hands and let it be, let it be without hope, because whatever we look at it seems socialism has us totally outnumbered and frankly we are getting tired.  More of getting tired of fighting what could be viewed as a losing battle.  However, that is the frame of mind that Satan wants us, being of the mind of hopelessness and unrest, of fear.

In the 13th chapter of the book of Numbers we read about the over exaggerated report of the spies who Moses sent to spy out the land, and in spite of the reports positive affirmation of God’s promise, they brought a report that reflected their fears.  Just like our doubts are founded in our fear, not fear of bullies and thugs and the BLM – ANTIFA, the Chinese Biological Test on the US and other nations; although the panic that was caused here and around the world exposed just how void of hope we truly are. 

Oh yes, I do understand those who have even unknowingly accepted Satan’s invitation to receive the vile and sinister delusion of utopia … life as you would like it, no morals, no work, no personal responsibility and no accountability … and that fits just right with many of the couch potatoes presently living in their parents(?) basement, or out making a few bucks rioting and looting in protest to someone somewhere who was black and killed by a cop.  Seven or eight weeks of these mindless protests across our nation many (if not most) of the protesters do not even know who George Floyd was.  The only thing people know about George Floyd is he was black, and died whole police were attempting to restrain him.  What they know is what the mainstream media wants them to know and that would be what the Luciferian Cabal and George Soros wanted them to tell you.  They wanted you to deliver propaganda, propaganda that has been destroying our freedoms, our moral values, our dignity as a great nation.

This election is about more than just electing a president, but, stopping Socialism, socialism of any flavor is still socialism and just one little baby step away from Communism.  We the people cannot stop Socialism by electing Trump, but, if we do not take conservative control of the House and Senate it would make no difference who we elect president.

Seriously, it would be a disservice to Trump and America because it would simply be a re-run of the past four years and possibly worse, perhaps the off chance of a civil war.  In reality, the radical cabal activists are so numerous and regardless of what direction we look there is Luciferian unrest with most of it becoming violent, destroying property and lives.  It is starting to look more like an impossibility to stop this Luciferian Socialist aggression.  It would be easy just to retreat into our shells, but we cannot do it, no we must stand and turn the wave of evil that has been running the circus, which we call the Democrat Party, the leaders, and the cabal.

When Moses brought the 12 tribes of Israel to the shores of the Jordan river, there the Lord told him to send out spies two from each tribe except the Levites to spy out the land and bring a report.  Two of the spies were Joshua and Caleb made the eleven teams of spies.  Away they went and what they saw was just as God had told them.  The story goes that it was a rich land and they had brought a bunch of grapes so large that two men carried it between them on a pole.  That was the good report just as God promised, the promised land flowing with milk and honey, however, the bad report was the deal breaker, there was huge fortified cities with giants and we were like grasshoppers in their sight. 

Fear made them see taking the land that God promised, an impossible situation.  All but Joshua and Caleb the two youngest of the spies, said: ‘what is wrong with you people?  We can take the land with God on our side we can overcome the enemy.”  Today we are listening to all the false and exaggerated reports from the Luciferian Mainstream Media.  Could it be, that we are like the Israelites?  Afraid, yes afraid even though God has our back! 

We had better be afraid, very afraid … if the Luciferians have their way, this nation will be a Socialist nation and like I say, “it won’t be pretty.”

Conservative Christians, Patriots, Walk A way’s, People who like living in a sovereign free Constitutional Republic.  Stand up, grit your teeth, and vote conservative in the House and Senate and for President.  That is the set up that will win and stop the Socialists.

Just Vote Conservative and let the good guys sort out the RINOs, because we have a number of Republican politicians who also belong to the Global Luciferian mob.  It is our time to come to the banks of our Jordan, and now is the time to Cross Over and Possess the land for God and our people.

Thanks for reading.

R.S. Helms.

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