Apologetics: An Alternative for the Next Generation

This needs reposting. Once a week might do. A great post by Haden Clark, Haden uses “Nominal Faith” as “In name only,” I use it (In Name Only), for Liberal Theology, (Liberal Christianity) Christian in name only. Thank you Brother Haden for giving us a more understandable phrase.
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Haden Clark

It has been my observation that the next generation of Christians commonly finds themselves between a rock and a hard place. We’ll call the rock Nominal Christianity. We’ll allow the hard place to be Skepticism.

Nominal Christianity

Nominal means in name only. Nominal Christianity then is an inauthentic faith that is only associated with Christianity in name only. Nominal Christianity is in attendance most Sunday mornings if it wakes up on time, or wasn’t out too late the night before. Nominal Christianity never deals seriously with sin, hasn’t opened the Bible in years, hasn’t shared the gospel, well, probably ever, and almost certainly would never be a part of any intimate fellowship with other believers. Its faith is privatized and kept at arms length.

Unfortunately, this has been the model for many, if not most young Christians from what I can observe. It seems so common place that Nominal…

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