Obama’s Foot Soldiers Ordain Chuck Schumer Unfit to Lead for Opposing Iran Deal

What happens when liberals stray off course, guess from his recent bash of Trump pulling out of the real bad deal, he must have got Obama’s message. flipp’n and flopp’n is worse than keeping his liberal mouth shut.

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BEFUNKY screenshotofchuckschumerpressconferencehewillnotbepressuredonirandeal
Foot soldiers of Barack Hussein Obama the vengeful declared war on Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) aggressively and immediately after Schumer’s announcement that he will oppose Obama’s legacy/Iran deal.

Former senior adviser Obama, current @CNN contributor Dan Pfeiffer (so much for mainstream media being fair and balanced) tweeted out last night:

screenshot dan pfeiffer tweet attack chuck schumer opposition to iran deal 002


screenshot dan pfeiffer tweet attack chuck schumer opposition to iran deal 001

The threat is imminent as some Progressives are comparing Schumer who is up for re-election in 2016 to Joe Lieberman, accusing Schumer of trying to start a war and have declared the senator unfit to lead the Senate in 2017 after Harry Reid retires.

Moveon.org launched a petition last night demanding that Schumer withdraw his support for the Corker and Menendez legislation.

Calling out Schumer, Ilya Sheyman, Executive Director of MoveOn.org Political Action released a statement (excerpt below):

…it is outrageous and unacceptable that the Democrat who wants to be the party’s leader in the Senate is…

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