Speaking Ill of the Walking Dead

We have those in the Senate who will gladly pick up the baton of the RINO agenda … like Marco Rubio and a few others. Rubio would make a good McCain though.

John Sidney McCain III, son and grandson of admirals, the epitome of a “fortunate son,” as John Fogerty termed it. Shot down in 1967, he was imprisoned in the Hanoi Hilton until 1973. Has been praised endlessly for his service while others who suffered the same fate got nothing but scorn. Retired from the Navy in 1981 after marrying multimillionaire beer heiress, Cindy Hensley, and was elected to the House in 1982. There he served two terms until he won a Senate seat in 1986, which he still, sadly, occupies.

He has long been a favorite of the media, given his willingness to bash the political party he feigns to be a part of. There has never been a single important piece of legislation that he has not chosen to collude with the Democrat party on. He lost the presidential primary to George W. Bush in 2000 and had to wait…

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