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First let me say this: I appreciate my friend Brittius who consistently post good post.

Now, the only comments in this post is all the noise of what the liberals are presupposing that will pass in congress, is all post-active.  Why is it, that there is little or no pro-active plans to help stop the slaughter of innocent Americans before it happens?  It is not the gun, the truck, airplane, knife, baseball bat, pipe bomb or other available method of committing mass murder that needs to be controlled.  It is my studied opinion it is the person, mental, social or ideology dysfunction that escalates into a full blown horrific situation of mass murder.  The effort (little at all) would be to focus on prevention by identifying the individual, remove that person for the safety of him/herself and other citizens.  It can be done without any violation of the individuals Constitutional rights.  Most of the legal mechanics are in place, they need expanding, and for immediate action, before  the much slower judicial process started. (see an upcoming Bob’s Opinion post).

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  1. Many times, over the course of my career, I have seen people who honestly make some kind of mistake that places them at odds with a section in a law book. Then there are other times, where two behaviors intertwine, the criminal, and the evil. The wiring is bad or wrong, in the criminal, but the evil ones, made up their minds to do, harm to others. I have seen them at work. I can tell by their eyes and their respiration, what is happening and they are responsible for most of the violent crimes. Politicians, oh, I’ve had a few dozen run-ins with those clowns, will seek to take it out on law abiding people. The eyes of politicians and their respiration, is pretty close to that of the evil ones. Then I run out of words for the evil and the elected. I watch them, because they think that they are predators of the highest order. They’re not. The predator of the highest order, has a badge and answers directly to the Almighty. That’s why they are allowed to be, predators of the Highest Order.


  2. This is a great comment … and by following your blog as long as I have, I know that you know what you are talking about. This follows my opinion of politicians, (there are a few exceptions but few), my studied opinion deals first with the gift of the Spirit “Discernment” mainly it is a discerning of spirits, but it goes into every aspect of my life encounters. You are right to call evil for what it is.
    Thanks for the great comment.
    God Bless R.S. Helms


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