Two United States … A very good idea

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Cry and Howl

I was thinking this morning that maybe it would be a good thing, seeing the nation is so divided and “polarized” that the U.S. just physically and governmentally divide the country. I’m not talking (writing in this case) about a civil war. I’m talking about a peaceful dividing of the nation into two individual, sovereign countries. One country will be home to Democrats, RINOs and the left. They can have all the liberal, left-wing folks. They can take in all the illegal aliens they want. They can marry or not marry anyone they choose. The same-sex folks can adopt any children they choose. They can ban any and all guns from private ownership. They can do away with every Christian church and liberal bakers can bake cakes honoring gay marriage all day long. They can abort unborn children freely right up until the time the “fetus” is coming down the…

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