America’s Political Inheritance Courtesy FDR’s Socialist and Soviet Policy Makers

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My comment: Guess this is one of the best (and over the years there is many), but this is excellent information on the socialist President who actually wrote the UN Charter, with the intent of it’s evolution into the global socialist union or what is commonly known as the One World Order. I prefer to call it the Global Socialist Union … consisting of several regional socialist unions (such as the European Union, and the Obama proposed North American Union). liberalism is socialism and it has nearly achieved it’s evil ambitions.

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Winston Churchill, FDR and Josef Stalin – Yalta Conference Source Natl. Archives

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

We are the political descendants of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who left us an inheritance in 1944, an economic Bill of Rights, alternatively dubbed the “Second Bill of Rights”. Written with Columbia law professor Adolf Berle Jr., one of FDR’s brain trust, the new Bill of Rights reflected the vision of a man who told Roosevelt in a 1932 memo that “nineteenth-century competition and individualism were anachronistic.”

Berle also co-authored The Modern Corporation and Private Property in 1932 which advanced the thesis that large business corporations did not serve the public interest and should, therefore, be controlled by the government.

It’s been brought to life by Communists in the U.N. with their Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and it never died in the United States, thanks to an entire party dedicated to the…

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