Intimidating a journalist to become a federal crime

No integrity or ethics left in the media

I believe an act should be for the benefit of the citizens of the United States, holding the media accountable for what they do.  The Journalist, their specific publication or broadcast network liable and jail for their lack of ethics and integrity, It is time bring them accountable for overstepping their constitutional protections with this unnamed source, and to slander with lies and un-verified information.  The media is as bad for the people of the United States as another black plague.  They have become the propaganda arm of liberalism and the Global Socialist Union.  A Person cannot trust the news anymore … It seems to me that our Journalists of today have in most part been schooled by the American Prospect, Inc.. an organization funded directly by the George Soros “Open Society Foundation.”

R.S. Helms  2-8-2018


Posted to Bob’s Opinion from Canada Free Press (a story by Judi McLeod).

The Rise of the #MeToo-Toos, Intimidating a journalist to become a federal crime  Source: Intimidating a journalist to become a federal crime

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