Secret FISA Memo Will Be Redacted When Released

The following article is from Canada Free Press, by Jodi McLeod.  and reblogged here on Bob’s Opinion with an introductory comment.


Bob’s Opinion’s comment.

If the president releases this document redacted, it is my opinion that it would be considered by many supporters, a slap in the face and undoubtedly a betrayal to the American people.  This is just the tip of the iceberg of the corruption and control of government that the Shadow Government (Deep State), has come to.  As I said, I would not vote for trump again.  I do understand that it does take some compromise on some issues, but to allow the powerful intelligence agencies and the sleepers in the DOJ to bully the president with the help of congress to protect their corrupt operations.

the American people need to be able to see the unredacted memo that we paid for, so we can decide for ourselves just how deep and wide spread the corruption in the intelligence agencies goes.  The President has the prerogative to dismiss (fire) anyone in the Executive branch, and he don’t have to prove to congress especially to the liberals and RINOs why.

So why then, does he have to allow the corrupt professionals from the corrupt agency to dictate what he can or cannot release?  just like allowing a dirty scumbag like Comey have his way when selecting a “Special Prosecutor” to look into the wrongdoing of the administration based on a fake dossier on Russian collusion (conspiracy), when the real conspiracy was to protect Hillary Clinton, and take down President Trump.

No, This is just the exposure of the tip of the iceberg of the Washington Swamp.  and over half of the congress  are involved in a whole lot of wrong, and will be revealed as the corruption iceberg is revealed.  Hope you enjoy the article and thanks for reading.

R.S. Helms.

Secret FISA Memo Will Be Redacted When Released

Source: Secret FISA Memo Will Be Redacted When Released

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