INVESTIGATE #VOTERFRAUD @FetusKebabs Spent A Week Bringing 25K #ANTIFA Member From CA To AL To Vote

Folks we need to stay on top of all this BS or it will bite us in the butt… don’t think that because the Democrats were exposed a year ago, that they would not continue their voter fraud program..

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In spite of an announcement on her blog that she was taking a few weeks off, I decided to journey over to The Mad Jewess website and found the following post.

God bless the woman, a blogger like the rest of us, it is often hard to begin that break when one runs across an illegal act that, if true, should outrage all Americans.

Here it is….

The Mad Jewess

#VOTERFRAUD @FetusKebabs Spent A Week Bringing 25K #ANTIFA Member From CA To AL To Vote

Someone needs to find out who “Fetus Kebabs” is, arrest him and investigate this mess in Alabama.  Just in case it is deleted:


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On a personal note, I suspect that @fetuskebabs might be a bot created to create havoc.  That being said, if true, it or whatever has the Progressive routine down to a science.  Americans…

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