Wow! Magazine – Friday, Nov. 8, 2017

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Just realized that I have not posted updates from Wow! Magazine in several days, please forgive my oversight. I took ill a few days ago and ended up in ER for a half day due to bronchial/asthma attack. Haven’t had one of those in at least four years and it’s the worst that I have had in more than a decade.

I’m home recuperating which is coming along and just that…along.

I tried to play catch up yesterday on my blogging but it took hours to get up a handful of posts and set me back in my recovery.

This week, as it has been every week this year, had one heck of a news cycle but sometimes one must sit it out. Posting, I suspect, will be rather light this weekend.

Moving on…

Below are a few highlights of this week at Wow! Magazine.

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