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Did Obama, a despot, who for two terms ruled by fiat  actually believe that his legacy, i.e., a quest for fundamental transformation and destruction of the United States which was nothing short of an eight-year offense on Americans would go on?

Barack Obama can’t handle the unraveling of his war on Americans and redistribution of America’s wealth schemes.

The best part is that Obama can’t handle the truth, the unraveling and the emasculation all things Barack.  His fangs are showing and he needs desperately to soothe his ego so he’s traveling around the world, getting paid huge sums of money, all of which the Justice and/or State Department should be looking into.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

An extremely vicious Barack Obama, who is losing his legacy under this administration, told 2800 leftists in Chicago that we need gun control and then compared Trump to Hitler. Correct me if I’m…

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