Grumpy Opinions Headlines, Fri. Dec. 1st

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News of the Day — Fri. Dec. 1st

Breaking today is the news about Michael Flynn pleading guilty this morning. Progressives are spinning this as the end for President Donald J. Trump but is it really?

And why is it that every time the news stream is full of sins committed by Progressives, so call breaking news from the Mueller camp? Suddenly, everyone is back on the fake Russian hoax again and no one is talking about Matt Lauer, Al Franken or John Conyers? Coincidence?

The primary agenda of the Communist media complex is to Spin! Spin! Spin!

If Republicans FINALLY push through the vote on tax reform this afternoon, how much press will it get?  I suspect that the deep state has instructed its puppets to ignore any Trump successes and stick to Russia, Russia, Russia.

Grumpy Opinions Headlines

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