Don’t know how I missed this great post from Brittius; but from the start, the whole blame for the tragic outcome of letting these septic groups of racist come together at the same place at the same time was the fault of the Mayor and Governor.  All of them are and should be considered Terrorist organizations.

Source: Virginia State Police Say They Didn’t Find Weapons Caches in Charlottesville Despite McAuliffe Claim


One thought on “Virginia State Police Say They Didn’t Find Weapons Caches in Charlottesville Despite McAuliffe Claim

  1. Beyond the general feelings currently going around concerning race and other issues, until Obama was in office, those issues were almost nonexistent or were moot issues with most people. A divisive anti-American president with his agenda to destroy our nation, has resurrected many feelings that should have been taken out with the trash. I am not perfect, and I am far from perfect. I ask the Lord for strength, because there are people needing understanding and in my career it was my job to provide unbiased assistance. What if something bad does in fact happen and, what if I am in a position where like it or not, I am to help others regardless of race, religion, or national origin. This tiger never changed stripes and I would, until proper assistance arrived and takes charge, need to again place my differences aside and help. I was a cop and, also at one time a volunteer firefighter. What happened in Charlottesville, my honest reaction is that people lacking smarts and contributed their actions to harm the peace, should be belted a few times with a club. Why? Because God gave us one another, for a very good reason, or a very good set of reasons. So what happens? Evil creeps in. Like an ever growing cancer. I blame the leadership for being played by evil, and they knowit. They go along, willingly. Today, an autopsy report indicates that the woman was dead before the car ran her over. The two police officers from the helicopter crash remain dead, but a state governor continues along with a mayor, to throw gasoline on a fire. Be very careful when playing with fire, and we all know how that warning goes, but the leaders, do not care. The crawl deeper into their sin, and they try to spread it like an arsonist spreads his evil deeds.


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