Stormy thinking

Reblogged from Scott’s Blog … a good reminder not to forget about the mighty arm of God. Nonetheless, the war against evil in our land continues, but cannot be won without Jesus Christ…

Scott's Blog

Forgive me Jesus for forgetting you. Thank you for energy.

Rembrandt_Christ_in_the_Storm_on_the_Lake_of_Galilee.jpg Picture from

‘Rip through the lies, Jesus.

I know you want me to seek Your kingdom first but I am thinking about other things. I am thinking about food and buying things. Please forgive me. Please curb my appetites and lead me to You.’

There are layers of truth. One layer is that I am human and flawed and needy. The layer under that is that God created me. He knows me. I can not hide. I am good only because He is good. Faith comes from Him. I try to muster up belief. This does not work. When I submit and humble myself before Him, the all powerful mighty creator, then faith comes. Looking at Him. Looking toward Him.

Praise You Jesus for being inaccessible to sinners like me.
Praise You because You are so good.

Praise You for…

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