Reply from Senator Franken

  • Source: Reply from Senator Franken

reposted from Rifleman 111 Journal

Sounds like taking the high ground around the issue… a lot of political jargon and still don’t know his true stance on how and what justifies of putting the “Veterans” on a “a no-sale” blanket list unless they can prove they are mentally fit… it is the Government taking away the second amendment rights of Vets…  If they are fit to fight with a weapon, die, and be maimed for our nation, then they are fit to have guns.  But blanket diagnose veterans with mentally unfit is against the Constitution.  and he never said anything about how he stands, this is the same clown that stated in the conformation hearings that he has his own constitution, and it is not he same as the real constitution.

R.S. Helms

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