I am rebloging this in hopes that more may see and read it… I sincerely than Dianne Marshall, who is not only a true patriot but a real Christian who understands and knows the nature of our present crisis and danger…
Thank You Dianne.


Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Albany, NYDrive out the unclean thing and know what is clean.  Drain the swamp and restore the land with lawful order for God’s purpose for the people.  For God is not the author of confusion, but of order and of law and of mercy.  Some shall stand and some shall fall by the way.  Some shall pray and others shall march forth.  Each can do what they are called to do and together the body of Christ shall arise and the Lord shall know it. Go forth and be strong, and know this – greater is he who is within you than he who is in the world.

zz81378753fbe24a3efc92a2b967e55e78The people have lost their way, the church has gone astray.  They shout peace and there is no peace. False shepherds have given strong wine of delusion to the sheep.  The shepherds say – close your…

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