Sheriff Clarke: Newark Mayor’s ‘Fugitive Slave’ Comments ‘The Gold Standard of Stupidity’

Well My, My, My,… Geraldo and Sharpton for MSMBC, … someone, anyone, should recognize the lunacy of the statement… “fugitive slave catchers”… all the government is asking is that they stop obstructing federal law enforcement and follow the law and cooperate between agencies, … like when another state requests a hold on a prisoner, the agencies within the state, and between states cooperate. These so-called sanctuary cities and states are breaking the law, by obstructing the federal agents from doing their jobs… I have a solution, charge them and jail a few of them, or all of them if need be.

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It’s moments like this that I am reminded of Geraldo Rivera’s infamous screw up, i.e., Al Capone’s vault fail for which he paid a price.

Fox should have nudged Rivera over to MSNBC with Greta Van Susteren.  The insanity that spills out of his mouth would go very well over there.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

There isn’t a leftist statement dumb enough for Geraldo to disagree with!

Mayor Ras Baraka (D-Newark) told Al Sharpton that the Trump administration’s plan to deport the illegal alien felons protected in sanctuary cities is a way of intimidating the city officials into being “fugitive slave catchers.” It’s unAmerican and unconstitutional, the flame thrower said.

We are, right now, talking about illegal alien FELONS.

Geraldo discussed the mayor’s inflammatory political rhetoric on…

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