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You are in my prayers.
R.S. Helms

Meadows Musings

Your cancer is back.

It was 2014 February 5th I was 38. I had a few lumps in my breast, and I have had cysts in the past. Getting a Mammogram was no worry. It was taking longer than normal, and they did an ultrasound, again no worries. I have been down that road before. I have very bumpy breast.

“You have breast cancer.” The radiologist came in and told me just like that. I remember thinking, what did he just say? Breast cancer? How? It took me a few minutes for my brain to comprehend what I was just told, breast cancer. The tears started to fill my eyes, I had not control. I was also by myself. I was told I have breast cancer and to expect a phone call in the next few days. And he walks out the door.

I had stage 3 breast cancer, and cancer metastasized…

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