Former Congressional Staffers Guerilla Warfare Campaign Against Trump, GOP

Should have already happened… and start at the head and work down to the last standing …

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Former Congressional Staffers refusing to accept the 2016 presidential elections results have formed Indivisible, an anti-Trump organization (as if the atmosphere isn’t toxic enough) and manifesto for fellow disgruntled fascists fomenting discord entitled, Indivisible: A practical guide for resisting the Trump Agenda.” [See Guide near bottom of post.]

According to The Daily Kos, the guide is a “defensive approach purely focused on stopping Trump from implementing an agenda built on racism, authoritarianism, and corruption” intended to gin up the masses for the 2018 and 2020 elections is nothing short of guerilla warfare against the president, his administration and the GOP.

The manifesto was prepared and is maintained by “Former Congressional staffers” Angel Padilla, Billy Fleming, Caroline Kavit, Emily Phelps, Ezra Levin, Gonzalo Martínez de Vedia, Indivar Dutta- Gupta, Jennay Ghowrwl, Jeremy Haile, Leah Greenberg, Mary Humphreys, Matt Traldi, Sara Clough, and Sarah Dohl.

Who is Indivisible?…

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