That Sense of Entitlement: Social Justice Evangelicals, Church Leaders, Refugee Resettlement Biz

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Perhaps over half of the “Evangelicals” (multiple denominations) are of Liberal Theology, and of course the false teaching of “Social Justice”… so we must not accept that this liberal charlatan, as speaking for American Pastors or American “Evangelical” Pastors who are “concerned” about Trumps Moratorium (90 day Ban) The only reason for those who are concerned have their hand in the cookie jar with the rest of the resettlement frauds. Liberal Theology, is destroying Christianity. But in trying to better hold down the frustration level, I remind myself that Jesus is coming back again, wish it would be in my lifetime, but I don’t think so, as no one knows the time. And until that time I walk with him, I own what I say, and how I act, and as long as I have Jesus, I’ll be okay… just fine.

And another great post by Puma by Design…

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For those in the refugee resettlement industry, theirs is a sense of entitlement.

Social justice evangelicals and church leaders across the United wrote a letter to President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence asking that the executive order implementing extreme vetting of individuals traveling from jihadist breeding nations and the 90-day moratorium on Syria be rescinded.

CBN News

More than 500 evangelical leaders from all 50 states signed a letter to President Trump asking him to reconsider his controversial executive order. The letter included the likes of Ann Voskamp, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary President Daniel Akin, and Open Doors USA President and CEO David Curry.

While they acknowledged the order could prevent bloodshed on American soil, America should still be a nation of compassion….

The letter points out that thousands of churches have welcomed and sheltered suffering refugees through the Refugee Resettlement Program[…]

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thousands of churches….”

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