Former Newsweek Washington Correspondent Urges Media To Battle ‘Conservative Moral Relativism’

Well, My, My, My These people really don’t know the hurt that the American right can put on them … we are more than half of their income…
Simply stupid … there was never any question or outrage over Obama, and now the liberals can just come from outer-space and no report or calling out… these people have really made themselves irrelevant.

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Tom Johnson picture-58-1409692124By Tom Johnson ~

Should the mainstream media lead, to borrow a term from religion, a great awakening? Yes, in a sense, suggested longtime journalist Steven Waldman in a Thursday Washington Monthlypiece. “Donald Trump and his campaign have pushed the idea that each of us has our own truth, or ‘alternative facts,’” wrote Waldman. “Suddenly I feel like journalists are the most religious people in America. I don’t mean that journalists are suddenly enamored with the supernatural, but rather that we’ve re-embraced the idea that there’s a thing called ‘truth’ — an absolute value that lives above and apart from the world of framing and spin.”

steven_waldmanAs Waldman (pictured) sees it, the current “war on the concept of truth [is] accompanied by a rise in conservative moral relativism…One could see it in the conservative defense of the tobacco industry, which undercut science by putting out alternative facts. More…

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