The Five: Greg Gutfeld Vets the Progressives’ “Hysteria vs. facts.”

The Gutfeld monologue was good but light, and Juan simply showed how stupid he is… about the Democrats keeping America safe for the last eight years… He is one (just one of many) reasons I will not watch fox except for Hannity and Carlson .. I watch Fox Business for Dobbs, Payne, Varney, and Neil Cavuto, is fast losing ground since his time off…

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Original image source: <a href="">House Democrats</a>/Flickr (<a href="">CC BY-NC-SA 2.0</a>) Original image source: House Democrats/Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

While I often find myself in disagreement with The Five’s Greg Gutfeld whose sometimes outlandish statements leave me cold (my take), on Tuesday Gutfeld got it right when he called out the ridiculousness of the fear mongering and hysteria from Progressives in the following 12-minute monologue (my take again).

In case you didn’t exactly pick up on what was going on there with Nancy Pelosi, below is a clip of the Progressives broken mic moments on the steps of the Supreme Court.

At 2:14 of the video, Pelosi who obviously has never done anything on her own, while someone else is adjusting the mic ask, “Should we sing ‘This land is your land’ again until they get the sound working?”  Progressives are embarrassing themselves.

“Look at that moon. A new moon.”

“Introduce the real people now.”

What the heck…

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