4 thoughts on “The Congress nor Senate Can Restrict, Regulate or Suspend Our Constitutional 2cd Amendment Protections.

  1. I cannot for the life of me understand, how so many educated and freedom loving Americans could so easily surrender over their Constitutional protections…There are an estimated 85 million gun owners in America, which accounts for roughly 72 million being conservatives, and we’re allowing this.
    Can you imagine if we united and used those numbers to our advantage to fight back like these Liberals do, and how quickly we could turn all this insanity around.?
    But sadly, we don’t, and I believe, that pride has more to do with it than anything. American conservatives have always been a do it alone group and we take pride in that. Problem is, we have done it for so long that we’ve forgotten how to come together for our causes and we’re getting knocked off one at a time. Its why we lose so many battles, skirmishes and ground to these Liberals, who are absolutely ferocious and use every dirty tactic they can from their Alinksy play book. …
    And I don’t see anything changing either.


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